Commercial Clients : Why Do I Need Pest Control For My Business?

There are a number of pests that can cause issues for your business in various different ways. From contaminating your food, causing costly damage to buildings and furniture as well as causing disease.

Your business will suffer as a direct consequence of having pests present at your office, warehouse or building. If customers are aware of the situation business may slow and you may lose valuable trade.

Prevention is always better than cure. You must do all you can to prevent pests from entering your business.

If you are a food business, by law you must be able to show you have carried out all necessary steps to prevent pests from entering in to food preparation areas and food storage. The last thing you want is an infestation of cockroaches in a commercial kitchen. Pests can cause serious problems from contamination food with dead bodies to droppings being left around the premises which can cause serious bacterial contamination.

Some preventative measures you are able to take are:

Correct disposal of waste

- do not overfill exterior waste bins, if they are full do not pile waste on top preventing the bin lid from closing. Do not pile waste next to the bins.

- do not store any waste inside the building, always remove to an external bin as soon as possible.

Looking after your building

- ensure the building is secure, no doors unnecessarily left open so pests can easily enter

- do not pile goods such as wood, hay, garden waste near a building. This is a sure fire way of attracting pests to nest underneath.

- clean as you go. We see so many food premises with the same discarded food underneath units week after week with no proper cleaning plan in place.

- food storage should be in pest proof container at least 150mm up from the floor and away from walls if possible.

- check packaging and storage regularly to ensure no damage by pests to food packaging.

- ensure you have a good cleaning schedule in place including a deep cleaning schedule as and when needed.

Pest controllers and contractors Arranging a pest control contract is always a good idea. Pest control contractors offer a range of services:

  • we specialise in protecting food premises

  • we offer service contracts for flying insect killers

  • we provide an efficient emergency call-out service

  • we will tell you about potential problems

  • we will carry out work and check everything thoroughly providing you with reports to show the health inspector

  • we will put out safe and professional poison posing no threat to you or your customers by contaminating your food or products

There are many things that need to be considered and you should always consult a professional pest technician. Some of the pests we will be able to help you with are below;



Birds Flies Stored product insects Wasps Ants Contact us today to discuss your pest problem.


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