How Do Insects Handle the Heat?

We are entering record breaking temperatures here this week in the UK but did you know the hot weather has an impact on insect activity?

The life cycle of certain insects speeds up dramatically when the temperatures climb (and boy are they climbing!) and can cause huge growth in certain bug populations.

Insects are, as you may know, cold blooded which means that when the temperatures rise so does their internal temperatures and they become more active. They will seek out cooler places to hang out, like your home.

The most common insects which will any us humans at this time of the year are definitely flies and wasps, did you know....

- Extreme heat makes wasps and hornets desperate for moisture - which makes them more aggressive and likely to sting (ouch!)

- It normally takes housefly eggs around 20 hours to hatch. In the hot weather they can hatch in less than 8 hours, with the larvae maturing to adult flies in as little as 4 days meaning many more flies in and around your home.

Keep cool, stay hydrated and call us if you are facing any pest problems!

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