Three dirty mice eat debris next to each other. Rubbish bag On the wet floor and very foul

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I have heard noises in the loft/walls.  Do I need pest control?

A1.  Noises in the loft or walls are more often than not either squirrels, mice or rats.  If you contact us we will arrange a site visit to investigate and discuss next steps.

Q4.  How long do rats and mice live for?

A4.  It depends on the conditions they are living in but mice and rats generally can live for up to 2 years.

Q2.  Do I need to leave the property whilst the treatment is taking place?

A2.  You will only need to leave the property (for up to 4 hours) if we carry out a specific insect treatment.  We will discuss this with you upon booking.

Q5.  How many babies do rats and mice have?

A5.  Female rats can produce up to as many as 7 litters per year which means up to 84 babies for every female.  Female mice can produce up to as many as 10 litters per years which means up to 56 pups from each female.

Q3.  Why do I need pest control services?

Pest control provides a specialist service covering commercial and domestic services providing protection from harmful pests that can cause public health issues and cause costly damage to property.

Q6.  Is it dangerous to have rats, mice or squirrels in my property?

A6.  Yes.  Rats and mice are incontinent (they have  o control over their bladder or where they urinate) which makes them unhygienic and you dont want them running around your workplace or home.  

Rats, mice and squirrels chew through wires and pipes which can cause untold issues including house fires and leaks.


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